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Bourma Chamiyeh

Crunchy hair-thick strings of dough twisted around grounded pistachio nuts, sweetened with sugar syrup.

Compared to other Near Eastern desserts, it is one of the richest in nuts which makes it one of the most desired pieces. It is commonly known that the more Bourma there is in an arrangement of assorted Baklava, the richer and more valuable it is.

Moreover, its unique, round, twisted, and open top and bottom shape exposing its abundance of nuts makes arrangements of assorted Baklava containing Bourma more visually appealing and attractive. 

Each gourmet treat is around 2.5 square inch

Travelling 5000 miles and being individually wrapped makes it very hard for the Baklawa pieces to stay perfectly stacked inside the box. Please expect them to eventually move around due to the nature of the wrapping. 

100% natural ingredients. Real clarified butter (ghee), the finest quality flour, walnuts, cashews, pines, pistachios and sugar syrup are combined in just the right amounts using the same ancient secret family recipe perfected over generations since 1881. 

Free of GMOs, preservatives, Trans fats, colors or dyes and no flavor enhancers.

Baklawa Ingredients: Sugar syrup, butter ghee, corn starch, wheat flour, vegetable fat, water, sugar, salt, corn oil, Cashews, Pine nuts, Walnuts or Pistachios.

1.2 lb - Approx 9 pcs | 2.4 lb - Approx 12 pcs

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