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We strongly believe that education is the single most valuable gift anyone can receive. However, there are so many young people in this world who are unable to pursue their passions simply because they cannot afford to go to school.

We believe that businesses have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on our local and global communities. 

As such, we donate a portion of our profits to 

(Previously known as Education Generation or EdGen), an organization that helps facilitate micro-financed educational scholarships for youth in developing countries. The School Fund works with many affiliate organizations that help link donors directly to students, ensuring that the students get the maximum contribution possible.


Through your purchases, your support is making a BIG difference for these young people. We chose to support older youth who were unable to go any further into much-needed vocational or post-secondary training.

The education they receive will make a big difference in giving them the tools to be able to lift their families out of poverty.