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Benefits of Hazelnuts

  1. Prevent Cancer

    Hazelnuts are a great source of vitamin E, manganese, and beta-sitosterol. All of these nutrients play major roles in preventing cancer. Additionally, if cancer cells have already formed in the body, these nutrients help defuse these unhealthy cells.

  2. Promote Cardiovascular Health

    Hazelnuts are filled with fats that are useful for the body, as they raise the levels of good cholesterol. In addition to this, the vitamin E present in hazelnuts also helps in building strong heart muscles. 

  3. Increase Bone Strength                                           

    Hazelnuts are rich in the essential mineral of manganese, which is required by the body for the growth and strength of the bones. Postmenopausal women in particular are susceptible to brittle bones, especially if they have the condition of osteoporosis. The manganese as well as the folic acid content in hazelnuts brings down the risk of broken bones. 

  4. Improve The Health Of The Digestive Tract's

    The high content of fiber in hazelnuts maintains bowel regularity, balances chemicals and microorganisms, and helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy.                                                                 

  5. Maintain Healthy Nerve Functions

    Another benefit of hazelnuts is its high content of vitamin B1 and vitamin B12. As these vitamins are responsible for sustaining proper nerve functions, the consumption of hazelnuts helps keep the nervous system healthy.

  6. A Rich Source of Iron                       

    Doctors recommend hazelnuts for people with iron deficiencies, as these nuts contain iron. Iron helps the red blood cells absorb oxygen, which then travels to the rest of the body.

  7. Provides Protein

    Protein is absolutely essential to build strong muscles, healthy tissues, and good skin.

  8. Enriches The Immune System

    Potassium, calcium, and other nutrients are all found in the hazel nut. These nutrients play an important role in blood circulation in the human body, which in turn increases immunity and keeps illnesses at bay.